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20 June 2011 @ 11:01 pm


Hello there!

So you found yourself in this humble space of mine, have a great time in here then, even though my rants are pretty boringXD Before you add me...

1. Do introduce yourself first, please~
I'm a paranoid person, just so you know *winks*
You might be a schoolmate of mine and I wouldn't know that you already saw me bashing you
Or you might be a right hand of Johnny-san...next thing I know, I'm already dead~

2. Please don't just randomly add me~
LJ is not a popularity contest or anything(^.^)
We should at least share some common interests like Arashi, JE, Maotsujun, or Big Bang~

3. I'm not grouchy~ =)
Trust me~ 
Introducing yourself won't hurt right? (^.^)

Where I'm at: sho's house
I'm feeling: cheerfulirrashaimase
Listening to: Fuyu Wo Dakishimete - Arashi
キンバリイkhiiimmy on March 31st, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
tashiiiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaaan!!! *gets hyper while looking at hyper Nino icon*

lol~ this stalker is using this LJ to release the closet Maotsujun fangirl in herXDD and i saw your username on vero-chan's pageXDDD

lol, i added you already, hope you don't mind though^^