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20 June 2011 @ 11:01 pm


Hello there!

So you found yourself in this humble space of mine, have a great time in here then, even though my rants are pretty boringXD Before you add me...

1. Do introduce yourself first, please~
I'm a paranoid person, just so you know *winks*
You might be a schoolmate of mine and I wouldn't know that you already saw me bashing you
Or you might be a right hand of Johnny-san...next thing I know, I'm already dead~

2. Please don't just randomly add me~
LJ is not a popularity contest or anything(^.^)
We should at least share some common interests like Arashi, JE, Maotsujun, or Big Bang~

3. I'm not grouchy~ =)
Trust me~ 
Introducing yourself won't hurt right? (^.^)

Where I'm at: sho's house
I'm feeling: cheerfulirrashaimase
Listening to: Fuyu Wo Dakishimete - Arashi
SHiZJUNARii.ghelica on January 11th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
haha.. makikita din kita. maghintay ka lang..haha.. naalala q last wik nakita kita eh.. sa may GL.. sa harap nun basta malapit dun sa may parang poste.. naka.p.e. uniform ka.. hehe.. hmm.. pagmay narining kang hi khimmy., aq na yun.. haha.. wag mu ko isnobbin,ah.. haha.